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Little question that this issue will be chock-full of inspiring music… the packages I received from the Ancient Future (Matthew Montfort) and Facing East (John Wubbenhorst) labels alone had true gems for fans of world/jazz/fusion in them.  I still haven’t quite figured out Mariah’s reason for titling this CD as she did, since in both Portuguese and Spanish it means “bloody”… though, of course, it does also mean a rich red wine… that’s more what I hear on her compositions here… full-bodied and brimming with life.  Though her album is on Mr. Montfort’s label, there is a strong current of jazz through all 8 pieces, especially that of the Latin variety… just listen to “Debajo de la Lluvia” – pure piano magic, and my favorite piece on the CD.  There are other equally engaging tracks, too… I just loved her strong keyboard touch on “Pente” & “Tenth Journey” puts gives you a whole new take on jazz, blending “desert scat” in with English horn, if you can believe that… you’ll have to listen to know what I mean.  This is an all-round wonderful listening experience, full of beauty and energy… it gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for fans of music that challenges the world ’round!  Get more information at www.ancient-future.com/sangria.html – Rotcod Zzaj