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Sangria CD ReviewFeaturing musicians from the bands Sun Ra, Herbie Hancock’s Headhunters and Ancient Future, Mariah Parker’s debut blends rhythmic syncopations of Latin jazz, hypnotic East Indian cadences and driving Brazilian and Afro-Cuban percussive beats. Although entirely instrumental, Sangria speaks. Maybe it’s the technical virtuosity abounding in the multiplicity of sounds — in the santur or sarangi, or the tabla or timbales. Maybe it’s in the emotive resonance of what’s behind the sounds, like the longing of separation in “Between the Lines,” where Parker’s fingers dance across the keys in precise, measured movements, in graceful arching and sweeping strokes, or in the spectacle of wonder in “Debajo De La Lluvia” or the “Tenth Journey.” Whatever it is, Parker’s Sangria is a lively, adventurous exploration into a hybrid global identity.