Jazz World Quest Productions

As we can read on the cover, Sangria promise is “An Indo Latin Jazz Musical Experience’ yet often these both these ethnic flavors are so intimately fused that the result turns into a new and fresh sonority.

The Latin and Indian rhythms come together naturally, blending smoothly into the sound tapestry, making Sangria a delight for mind and spirit.

The album reveals Mariah Parker’s compositional and instrumental prowess, she plays with delicacy piano and santur(a Persian dulcimer) and signed all the compositions. We can hear the piano in a ethereal dialogue with the flamenco guitar, flute and cello (on “Between the Lines” and “Debajo de la Luna”), engaged in a vivid exchange with the bansuri and the scalloped fretboard guitar on “Waterwheel”, or on the syncopated “Pente” and the Afro Cuban flavored “Milo’s Moment”. On “Sangria”, the title track, the flamenco lines are infused by Indian rhythms and cello that brings a sense of calm and serenity to the melodic atmosphere.

Mariah Parker is joined with passion in her spiritual journey by group of fine experienced musicians or better said music colorists : Paul McCandless(soprano sax), Matthew Montfort(guitar), Kash Killion(bass), Duru Demetrius(congas), Brian Rice(timbales), Debopriyo Sarkar(tabla), Anuradha Pal(tabla) Mindia Devi Klein(bansouri)