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Sangria, Mariah Parker’s debut CD, is a lushly lyrical tapestry of Latin jazz and the enchanting rhythms of East India. Mariah is a stunning composer and multi-instrumentalist who plays piano with graceful abandon. Having worked with Mickey Hart (from the Grateful Dead) on his Planet Drum project as well as touring all over the United States and Europe, Mariah now performs with the groundbreaking world music group Ancient Future.

Combining elements of flamenco guitar along with Indian, Cuban, Brazilian and Spanish influences, Mariah’s original compositions make exquisite use of her Indo Latin Jazz Ensemble. The intoxicating result is Sangria, a unique and compelling world jazz fusion masterpiece that is sure to garner both critical acclaim and substantial airplay.

Sangria includes a remarkable ensemble of astonishingly gifted musicians, including Matthew Montfort on scalloped fretboard guitar (an instrument combining qualities of the South Indian vina and the steel string guitar); Paul McCandless, woodwind virtuoso and 2-time Grammy Award nominee; Kash Killion, bass player and multi-instrumentalist with Sun Ra Arkestra, Cecil Taylor and others; Mindia Devi Klein, bansuri and jazz flutist; Duru Demetrius, latin percussionist with jazz icons such as Joe Henderson and Herbie Hancock; Anuradha Pal, world’s premiere female tabla player; Debopriyo Sarkar, tabla virtuoso; and Brian Rice, a multi-instrumental percussionist.

From the gorgeous, contemplative ballad of “Between the Lines,” with Kash Killion on cello, Matthew Montfort on flamenco guitar and Mariah on piano, to the jazzed up “Pente,” featuring Mindia Devi Klein’s alluring bansuri flute and Kash Killion’s intoxicating bass along with Mariah’s piano and more, Sangria offers a fresh musical perspective that takes the listener on a wonder-filled journey to the delightfully mysterious realm of world fusion. Not to be missed.