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The album “Sangria” isn’t just a collection of Mariah Parker’s (piano and santur) original compositions. This is music-prayer, music-meditation. A wonderful company of first class musicians have been gathered to record this project. All of them deserve to be mentioned. Matthew Montfort (scalloped fretboard and flamenco guitars), Mindia Devi Klein (bansuri and flute), Kash Killion (bass, cello and sarangi), Debopriyo Sarkar (tabla), Duru Demetrius (percussion and congas) Anuradha Pal (tabla), Brian Rice (percussion and timbales) and Paul McCandless (soprano sax and English horn) helped Mariah Parker to create truly unique music.

Indian world music and jazz, flamenco and Brazilian samba, Afro-Cuban salsa and Middle Eastern rhythms melt together on the album “Sangria”. This is Earth jazz or global jazz which celebrates the birth of a new world where meditative East and active West are together and they don’t fight against each other. This is the music of all-humanity without racial or cultural differences. These are melodies from open hearts and filled with deep love of our world and all its inhabitants.

The word “love” most fully describes this album. It pours out with every note and you feel this love flow into your heart and overfill it. And I must mention one more important feature of the album “Sangria.” It is very vivid and this music has an improvisation’s flavor.

The artist’s sparkling performance brings the taste of real life. The music of “Sangria” is centered and it helps you to feel the essence of your self.

When sounds of true music die away
Your mind is filled with a silence.

Serge Kozlovsky