New Recording Project

New Recording Project by Mariah Parker

39786309_10156833755599701_2381809538887057408_nBuilding upon the international success of her first two recordings, Sangria* (2009) and Indo Latin Jazz Live in Concert** (2017), Mariah Parker is poised to take her music to greater heights with her new CD project.

This new recording represents the next evolutionary phase of Mariah Parker as composer, performer and bandleader, concurrent with the deepening musical chemistry of her stellar band. An overriding theme permeates this new project – What nourishes and sustains us, both personally and collectively, and how do we manifest that out to the greater community? The music will display the multidimensionality of Mariah’s musical vision, counterbalancing probing, contemplative compositions with others that are upbeat and buoyant.


Fundraising Goal — $30,000

As a supporter of Mariah Parker’s music, you’ve already experienced the joy and uplift that her music offers through her live performances and recordings. And now, your donation can play a vital role in helping Mariah’s music radiate to a much larger audience worldwide with her new recording project.

In order for Mariah to achieve optimal success with this project, she needs to raise sufficient funds to finance the following activities:

• Studio Recording, Mixing & Mastering
• Producer’s and Musicians’ Fees
• CD Packaging Design & Manufacturing
• Promotional Efforts (e.g., International Radio Campaign, Print/Online Media Campaign, etc.)
• CD Release Concerts

Convenient Donation Options

To make this process convenient for you, you can make a tax-deductible donation in the following ways:

• Click here to donate online.

• Send check made out to Recursos de Santa Fe, an arts organization and our 501(c)(3) interim umbrella fiscal agent, with “Mariah Parker Recording Project” marked in memo, and mail to:
Recursos de Santa Fe
P.O. Box 4933, Santa Fe, NM 87502.

Please include a note with your preferred address so Recursos can send you an acknowledgement letter for your tax-deductible donation.

• You will be able to make online donations at soon, stay tuned!

Thank you so much for your support of this project. Your participation is greatly appreciated and we want you to know that we can’t get there without you. Your charitable gift will make a tremendous difference!